Axios Human Resource Services

Axios essentially removes the burdens associated with HR, offering you and your staff the two most important assets needed to focus on the business of your business: time and energy.

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Odds are pretty good that you are not an HR professional.  Yet, if you are like most midsized companies, you or someone on your management team has assumed the duties of that role within your organization.

Axios Human Resource Services Division is a practical way for business leaders to receive the expert human resource services they need to accommodate their goals and maximize their profitability. Besides simply handling the more traditional HR duties, such as hiring and payroll, Axios will also help you reduce many of the rising costs of employment by passing on group discounts and saving on such items as benefits, liability coverage, and worker’s compensation.

A scalable solution to grow with your business

These days, it’s not just the little guys looking for HR expertise or increased buying power.  Axios offers its array of HR Services to businesses of all sizes, from an increasingly diverse range of industries.  No matter what you do, or how many employees you have on staff, we will tailor your solution to fit the goals and needs of your business. 

HR Payroll and Benefits Administration

Our HR expertise, payroll technology and buying power can help you deliver more to your employees at a lower cost.

Human Resource Management Services

Lower your overall time and energy committed to attracting, retaining and improving the employment experience for your people by partnering with Axios Human Resource Management Services.  

HR Services for Charter School Systems

A Professional Human Resource Dept for all of your school's HR Functions, Policies and Procedures.

Partnerships with Independent HR Professionals

As an HR Consultant, you have the power to improve your client’s overall experience and enhance your earnings potential by partnering with Axios HRS.