Employment Screening & Processing

With today’s high unemployment, internet job boards and numerous web-based recruitment sites, selecting the proper approach and then sorting through the hundreds of responses to a job posting can be tedious and time intensive.  At Axios, we understand that screening hundreds of applicants takes an enormous amount of time that can be better spent.  Axios provides new hire screening and interviewing solutions - saving you time, headaches and the opportunity costs of running a search on your own.

Our new hire process helps you avoid unnecessary distractions and allows you to stay focused on the strategic issues confronting your organization.  By filtering hundreds of applicants and finding you only the most qualified candidates to fill your open position, we help drive your productivity and increase your effectiveness. 

New Hire Processing & Paperwork

Most organization’s employee files are not compliant and often not up to date.  From properly completed applications and I-9 forms, to drug screen results and personal tax information, Axios can ensure that all new hire processing and paperwork filings are complete and compliant manor.

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