Government Regulatory Compliance

Risk and liability management is a top concern for most key executives and their organizations.  Axios has the knowledge and expertise to assist our clients in managing this business risk. We employ professionals with in-depth knowledge of workers compensation insurance and claims management, unemployment claims processing and management and HR compliance. Our professionals will guide you through the areas of employment practices, procedures, and all other potential employment related liabilities.

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Employment Law Compliance

Companies can contract Axios to administer and manage all employment law compliance.  In our co-employment service model, Axios assumes many employer rights, responsibilities and risks allowing your team to sleep better knowing there is an expert overseeing your organization. 

These responsibilities include:

  • New Hires - paperwork compliance, I-9 verifications / E-Verify
  • Applicable Tax Documentation
  • Employee File Compliance
  • Disciplinary Counsel Tracking & Assistance
  • Employment Law compliance – State, Federal, and Local
  • Labor Law Posters

Employment Tax and Reporting Compliance

Axios, as a payroll provider, guarantees your company’s payroll tax compliance.  We report all wages and employment taxes to the Federal, State, and Local taxing authorities in an accurate and timely manner.

  • FICA / Social Security – 941’s
  • FUTA – 940 Form
  • SUTA – State required tax forms
  • Federal Income Tax
  • State Income Tax
  • Local Income Tax
  • W-2’s

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