Axios HRS and You – The Perfect Partnership!

For HR executives already in the consulting world and for those newly entering, it can be a tricky proposition to build the type of practice that will allow you to provide the total value-add most businesses are striving for.  Generally, HR executives entering the field include a broad spectrum of specialized expertise. 

These professionals are experts in such fields as:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Employee Relations
  • Labor Relations (union)
  • Staffing/Talent Acquisition
  • Diversity
  • Risk Management/Safety & Security
  • Organizational Development/Training
  • HRIS
  • Ethics
  • Sustainability 

While each of these very specialized fields is critical to an organization’s success, none of them are a singular solution to all the needs of the company.  So if you are currently engaged in providing an area of specific expertise to your clientele, we would like the opportunity to show how to benefit your client and you by partnering with Axios HRS. 

By adding Axios HRS to your own personal HR tool belt you will be bringing nearly 25 years of deep experience to the table.  Imagine introducing your client to a cutting edge payroll administration system, group benefits, workers compensation insurance, unemployment claims processing and management, a world class 401 K retirement plan, and 24/7 online HR management software – all designed to enhance and deepen you and your client’s relationship.  All of this can be provided through partnering with Axios HRS.  And best of all, it can substantially increase your earning power while assuring an extremely high client retention rate!