On-Line HR Technology

The Axios HRM software system helps your key management focus more on the people in your organization and less on burdensome paperwork and compliance issues. It also allows your employees the flexibility to view their personal information they need to access on a 24/7 basis.  By proactively managing your company’s human resource files, paperwork, compliance and time spent on burdensome tasks – it helps you to make HR less about paper and more about people.

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System Features

  • Payroll and HR System integrated into one system
  • Secure – password protected web based system for managers and employees
  • Payroll submitted electronically via web
  • Reporting access via the web
  • Labor allocating capabilities for financial reporting
  • Ease of use and access to employee information
  • Employee ability to securely view personal information on line
  • Ability to view and print paycheck stubs and W-2’s
  • Ability to view PTO, benefit elections, 401(k) summary & Flex Spending
  • Access to company documents, handbooks, employment forms
  • External links to other vendors, i.e;  bank, benefit providers, 401(k), etc.

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